Car Insurance

We have seen in the previous pages ample evidence that young drivers represent an enormous risk to car insurance companies because their accident rate, for various reasons, tends to be far higher than those for other age groups. As a result it can prove very difficult for youngsters who are driving soon after passing their driving tests to get proper car insurance cover for anything other than premiums which seem absolutely extortionate. The fact is however that insurers have to work with statistical figures and so every youngster has to be looked upon as being just as likely to have a smash as any other. If you are in this position and your insurance quote looks absolutely crippling there are a few things that you can do to bring it down, however, and some of them can reduce your premiums very substantially. If you still cannot afford your car insurance premiums you may be able to pay monthly.

car insurance imageThe first thing to do is to avoid the very understandable urge to buy a flashy fast set of wheels! The bigger the engine, the more the power, the higher the insurance quotes will be and you will get far better value if you have a car with a small engine which could be replaced if necessary at little cost. This is of course not as easy to do in practice as it is in theory; since small cars are so economical to run compared with large ones they tend to be more expensive to buy second-hand but when you work out the fact that they will not only save you a small fortune in insurance premiums but there will also cost far less to fill up with petrol as well has cost far less for servicing, new tyres and brakes, etc etc. If you are buying a car from new it is a no-brainer; a small cheap runabout is far and away the best option.

Taking the car out at night can be very tempting but the awful lot of nights out involved a bit of booze; it can be far cheaper to leave the motor at home and take a cab or even, heaven forbid, public transport rather than risk your driving licence or perhaps even your life by driving after a jar or two.

Insurance companies like to deal with people they consider to be a little more responsible than the rest so it would not be a bad idea at all to take a pass plus course; this is an additional set of driving lessons which are designed for people who have just passed their driving tests but who would benefit from extra tuition in real life driving, which can be an entirely different from tootling around the safer parts of town with a competent instructor in the passenger seat. Most major insurers will give substantial discounts to customers who can show that they have successfully completed one of these extra driving courses.

Modified cars are bad news as far as insurance companies are concerned; ignore the somewhat illogical urge that some people seem to have to fit new suspension systems, upgraded exhausts, fancy wheel arches and all the rest of the toys; they not only reduce the resale value of a car but could shove the insurance premiums up through the roof as well.

Some insurance companies will give you additional discounts if you agree to keep your driving mileage below certain levels, or agree to pay a more substantial policy excess in the event of a claim. If your basic insurance premium is extremely high reducing it by just a few per cent could still result in substantial savings.

Finally, try very hard indeed to resist the urge to put your right foot down and show off either to others or yourself! If you think that the insurance premiums you have to pay now are excessive, just wait and see what they will be when you have to own up to having had a claim against you or a conviction. And don't for goodness sake think that you can pull the wool over the eyes of the insurers and fail to inform them of these; they know about them just as soon as you do and if you attempt to deceive them in any way the consequences could be catastrophic and you could find yourself unable to get any insurance at all, at any price. Drive carefully!

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