Young drivers have a problem with motor insurance premiums. This is why cheap car insurance websites like, which cater for the 50+ age range, only are so busy! Many of us tend to think that we are immortal, particularly when we are young, and that accidents are things that happen to other people, but the truth is somewhat harder to accept so here are a few hard and cold statistics that prove otherwise!

Firstly; out of every new driver who passes a driving test, 20%, that means that one in five, will have an accident within six months.

A driver under the age of 25 has about three times the chance of dying in a road accident than someone over the age of 40.

A young male driver has about five times the chance of dying in a road accident than a young female driver; not because males are worst drivers and females but because young males have high levels of testosterone and young females do not!

The chance of a young driver having an accident between midnight and 5 a.m. at a weekend is around 15 times the rate at other times.

A young male driver is 1 1/2 times as likely as a young female driver to fail a breathalyser test.

Young drivers are five times more likely to be involved in a crash involving death or serious injury if they are carrying passengers.

Teenage passengers are around three times more likely to be killed in car accidents and passengers in other age groups.

All the above facts are the real reason why young male drivers face such huge premiums - it is no coincidence that under-25s are the main buyers of temporary car insurance, since many of them simply cannot afford to pay for full year premiums.

It is being argued that we live in a nanny state and people are discouraged from taking any risks whatsoever which is taking all the fun out of life. There is perhaps a lot of justification for this point of view but life is far more enjoyable when we have not suffered serious injuries, perhaps worse still, cause them, or even death, for other people. A few simple guidelines can greatly increase our chances of surviving to reach the grand old age of 25 plus, and these are to avoid believing that we are superb drivers from the moment we pass our driving tests, refrain from showing off in front of our friends when we are in control of cars, avoiding the dangerous hours in the early morning or at weekends, and being extra cautious if we are driving with passengers, or if we are passengers ourselves. Driving under the influence of drugs or any alcohol at all is irresponsible whether the driver is 19 or 90, but it is just as well to realise that to the 19-year-old who has had little experience of driving even a half of lager can make all that difference between a great night out and a mortuary slab when split second reactions are required.

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